Roulette is a very cool casino game that is found in all online casinos, live casinos and land casinos. You probably have a picture that is full of people around the table and cheers, and the whole room is smoky. This may be the case in some casinos around the world, but that's why online casinos were created, which are a great alternative to land based ones.
There is no single online casino that does not offer any roulette variant. This is because roulette is such a popular game and if the casino did not have it on offer, it would be very bad for their business. Of course, not all casinos on the network are fair, but that's why CasinoSmash comes to the rescue, which only recommends safe casinos with all necessary licenses to run their business! Play safely with us!


What roulette option should you choose?

Always decide to play European online roulette or single zero roulette. Most online casinos or at least the best casinos on the net give you a choice between these roulette variants and American roulette (Double Zero Roulette). There are many who mistakenly believe that if, for example, the last five digits were black, the next one will probably be red. Almost at every roulette table there is a 50% chance of hitting a red or black color (an additional zero means it is much less than 50%), and thus your chance of winning decreases.

Roulette - Strategies

Soon after the creation of roulette, strategies began to appear to gain an advantage in the game. Over the years, mathematicians and well-known gamblers have tried to cheat roulette in which new strategies are constantly emerging. While some of them are fairly simple, others are more advanced.
Despite many attempts, no one has succeeded in roulette in the long run and the truth is that no one will ever get it. The game has been designed in a way that prevents such a situation. Of course, this doesn't mean that strategies are a waste of time because they can have a very positive effect on your gaming experience. This is not only a fun , Bedste poker sites med dansk licens online in 2020 , addition that can make the game more interesting, but the fact is that they can affect how many roulette sessions you have won.

How big are your chances of winning?

Although most people do not put any emphasis on this appendix, it is worth asking yourself whether the actual chances of winning are good for the player. The truth is that unfortunately you can't beat the casino (bank) advantage in roulette. What is known as casino advantage determines the percentage advantage. When you play European roulette, the bank always has an advantage of 2.70%. This means that in the long run you are expected to lose only 2.70% on your rates. However, in a short time you can win what happens for example in the first few spins.